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Every Creature in the Jurassic Park Movies Ranked from Worst to Best

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I Meme Everything

AllosaurusMember4115 XPMar-11-2018 2:24 PM

20. Indominus rex

Image result for indominus rex

Yeah that's right, I hate this thing. A hybrid isn't the type of thing that belongs in a JP movie, and its design is just boring. It's just a spiky carnosaur with big arms.


19. Spinosaurus

Image result for jp3 spinosaurus

Yet another controversial choice to have so low. This abomination from JPIII isn't a dinosaur, it's a monster. Its strength is inconsistent (it brings down a plane, kills a T.rex, and smashes through a big metal gate, but can't get past some doors), and it pointlessly pursues the humans when there are damn sauropods on the island. Hopefully, if they bring back this dinosaur, they can do much better, because in real life, it's my second-favourite.


18. Mosasaurus

Image result for mosasaurus jurassic world

Yet another controversial entry. This thing is too damn big, so it feels more like a Kaiju than a dinosaur. Yet another movie monster. And why did it wait until the end of the movie to jump out of its lagoon? It could've grabbed one of the guests just as easily.


(17-12 all have no impact on the series, so I didn't put captions for them.)


17. Corythosaurus

Image result for jp corythosaurus


16. Mamenchisaurus

Image result for mamenchisaurus jurassic park


15. Dimorphodon

Image result for dimorphodon jurassic world


14. Apatosaurus

Image result for apatosaurus jurassic world


13. Ceratosaurus

Image result for ceratosaurus jurassic park


12. Pachycephalosaurus

Image result for pachycephalosaurus jurassic park


11. Pteranodon

Image result for pteranodon jurassic park 3

As much as I hate Jurassic Park III, the bird cage scene was cool because of the group of Pteranodon. I may sound sadistic when I say this but I wanted them to kill the characters except Alan because I hated the Kirbies. What prevents them from reaching the top ten is that they don't kill anyone.


10. Stegosaurus

Image result for stegosaurus the lost world

This might be a little high because I like TLW more than most. Nonetheless, I thought the scene where the Stegosaurus mother attacks the main characters was pretty cool. And, let's be honest, the baby is freaking adorable.


9. Parasaurolophus

Image result for parasaurolophus the lost world

Sadly, one of my favourite herbivores doesn't get much screen time. Its saving grace is the game trail scene from TLW as well as the scene where it appears near the lake with the Brachiosaurus, but there it gets overshadowed. Back to the game trail scene, it swings two people around, which is cool.


8. Ankylosaurus

Image result for ankylosaurus

My second-favourite herbivore sadly gets undermined by this franchise. It has a cool design in that shitty movie JPIII, and in JW, it holds its own against the Indominus. Sadly, it doesn't get any higher because it goes down rather quickly.


7. Gallimimus

Image result for gallimimus jurassic park

This dinosaur didn't do much, but it's in one of the most iconic scenes from the first (and best) movie, "They're flocking this way!" Unfortunately, it doesn't do much outside of this sequence besides a homage to that scene in JW. But that movie sucks.


6. Compsognathus

Image result for compsognathus jurassic park

These little savages are more dangerous than they look. I'm sure Dieter Stark would like to tell you. Their brutal murder of Stark is enough to cement them within the top ten.


5. Dilophosaurus

Image result for dilophosaurus jurassic park

The Dilophosaurus hasn't done much in the franchise aside from killing Nedry in the first movie. However, its frilled design served as the template for nearly every other iteration of this dinosaur in fiction; just look at ARK and Primal Carnage. Either way, it's still awesome, and Nedry's death was a small but memorable scene.


4. Triceratops

Image result for sick triceratops jurassic park

Despite this dinosaur's limited screen time, the sick Triceratops scene is still one of the most iconic scenes in the franchise. It also has the first interaction with humans in the series, which makes that scene all the more memorable. And, of course, it gave us the famous line, "That is one big pile of shit," which describes the current state of the franchise.


3. Brachiosaurus

Image result for brachiosaurus jurassic park

The first dinosaur of the series. Only two dinosaurs can surpass this. Either way, the Brachiosaurus is still integral to the franchise. Its first scene made me know that this movie would stick with me for life. It showed us that dinosaurs are animals, not monsters *looks at Spinosaurus and Indominus*. Its gentle call is still an iconic and memorable sound.


2. Velociraptor

Image result for the big one velociraptor

Another dinosaur that is key to the series. The Velociraptor is still a terrifying dinosaur, appearing in every movie. There are so many iconic scenes, the opening of the first film, the kitchen, the T.rex fight, and even more. But what stops it from being number one? JPIII and JW bastardised this creature. JPIII doesn't know how to use Raptors correctly, with suspence and slow pacing, not some BS chase scenes. And JW...don't even get me started. It had a pack of four Raptors that were tamed and played with the idea of militarising them. However, its importance to the franchise cannot be understated, thus it sits firmly at second place.


1. Tyrannosaurus

Be honest, as soon as you saw the Velociraptor at number two, you knew the Tyrannosaurus would take first place, and for good reason. It's the star of the franchise, it's on the logo, and it's appeared in every movie, whether its role be large or small. The T.rex appears in most of the iconic scenes in the series, from Rexy's breakout to her (BS) fight with the Indominus in JW. Now I'm glad that the T.rex was barely in JW, because God knows what they would've done with tamed and militarised dinosaurs and whatnot. Rexy isn't even the only iconic Rex in the series. The family from TLW also had many memorable scenes, like the Buck's rampage through San Diego. Its roar is a bone-chilling and terrifying sound. This dinosaur has been both a villain and a hero, most notably in Rexy. Because of all these reasons, I consider the Tyrannosaurus rex to be the best dinosaur in the Jurassic Park movies.

"Part of the journey is the end..."

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AllosaurusModerator3811 XPMar-11-2018 6:59 PM

Agree with this pretty much exactly.

Good grief.

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