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Isla Sorna Survival: Chapter 26 to End

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Lord Vader

MemberTyrannosaurus RexOct-05-2017 12:27 PM

Hey guys, long time no see. It has been too long since I’ve posted. Sorry for that. I wanted to complete this story. I’ve changed as a person since my last appearance. It’s a change for the better, but a change just the same. I’ve reread the story, and after looking over this chapter, my writing style has changed. Let’s see how well this is taken.


Previous chapters are under my topics on my profile. Just click my name, click topics and scroll through. If you need to freshen up on what’s happened to this point, I recommend you read from the start, you shouldn’t regret it.


Anyway, here’s the new chapter.




Bobby is dead. I remember that. I took the shot that dropped him. The Tyrannosaurs got him after that. Bryce, Zach and I escaped. I remember sitting in a tree and locating them. They were headed south. I don’t remember much after that. It was all the same, mundane, repetitive tasks for what must have been a week. Shoot, gut, cook, sleep, venture farther south, find a shelter, repeat. Naturally, the days all molded into one and I had no real memory of what happened since our last run in with the Tyrannosaur family.


I woke up to a screeching roar. I was fifty feet up in a tree, so I was safe from danger. I scoped out the area, drool running from my mouth and all over the AR-50 stock because I hadn’t wiped it away yet. Nothing, nothing, nothing, and a splotch of white. I focused on it. It was a predator. I started talking to myself.


“No way. An Indominus? On Sorna? I didn’t like that lab when I saw the room label all those months ago. Or was it weeks? It could have been a couple days for all I know. I thought that file was true, but I was hoping to hell it wasn’t. Now I have an oversized chameleon with a blood lust to deal with. Just f*cking great. Just when this shit hole couldn’t get any worse, this asshole shows up and proves me wrong. Story of my life I guess.”


The Indominus I was looking at was visibly larger than the one from Jurassic World on Isla Nublar. I could tell because even though she was half a mile away, her size made it look like she was maybe only a quarter mile. Probably 70 feet long, give or take. Regardless, she’s a big bitch and the .50 cal wont do the damage.


Through the scope, I watched her. She was stalking something. She was slowly making her way towards me. I slowly and silently threw the rifle over my back and climbed higher. I wanted to be sure I was out of her reach. When I was about 20 feet higher than where I started, I stopped and watched again. She was about a quarter mile out now. As I watched, my internal voice started talking again. It had some pretty bad thoughts. The voice was cold and heartless. It had made its decision and was trying to convince me to act on its command.


 A second voice joined in. It wasn’t the usual voice though. It was softer, gentler, feminine, but at the same time, it was stern and commanding. The original voice changed. It went from cold and heartless to emotionally distressed voice. It was my best friend’s voice I was hearing. I must be going batty. Hearing my best friend’s voice having a conversation with me; that’s not right. Maybe there’s a reason.


“Remember all those conversations about fate? Everything happens for a reason, you know that. You know better than anyone I am firm believer in that and I won’t let you do that. I’ve never let you give up before, why should I now?”


“Because it’s hopeless. There’s no point. That’s an Indominus. It’s huge. I won’t make it out of this tree before she gets me. I can’t win this one. I won’t win. It’ll sense me and I’ll be screwed.”


“Why’s that? I’m being serious. Why?”


“It’s a bloodthirsty monster, that’s why. Even if I did make it to the ground and ran, she’d catch me before I made it a hundred feet.”


“You’ve made it this far. I’ve seen it. You did what you’ve had to do to survive. You’ve lied, cheated, killed, maimed, burned and completely destroyed in order to ensure your survival.”


My voice was quiet. I swear I heard sobbing though.




The tone was commanding. Her voice wouldn’t let mine keep sobbing and wallowing in self pity. I looked up. It appeared as though she was right in front of me. I reached up to touch her, but I drew my hand back as I felt the branch I was on sway a little, almost knocking me off balance. She said my name again, but in a softer, more compassionate tone.


“Wyatt, you can do this. I know you can. In the years since we’ve met, you’ve only given up once. Remember that?”


“How could I forget? Between the fear in your voice when I called to tell you what I was up to and the coldness of the steel as I loaded that rifle, I’ll always remember that day.”


“And what did you promise me? You hugged me, and before you cried yourself to sleep, you promised me something. I know you still value that promise and I know you won’t break it, right?”




“I want you to say it. I want you tell me what you promised.”


“I promised you that I wouldn’t………. I wouldn’t……….”


The voice, my voice, paused before letting out a couple sobs before continuing.


“I’m sorry, I really am. It seems hopeless and I forgot everything and……..”


“Good enough. I know what you’re trying to say but can’t find the words to say.”


I could still see her. There was a sparkle in her eyes. She knows she got through to me. She grabbed my shoulders, pulled me in close and squeezed the life out of me. My arms were pinned at my side and there was no point in struggling. I rested my head on her shoulder and enjoyed the moment.


“Now, remember that talk of fate?”


My voice was more level and calm.




“Well, this talk lasted long enough that the Indominus gone. It’s safe for you to continue heading south, towards the docks. I have to go, it’s time for you to wake up. If you’re quick about it, you’ll find the other two before the Indominus does and the three of you will get to the lab 6 miles south of here before dark. You still need them, it’ll make your life much easier if you convince them to join you again.”


She let go. I was about to say something, but she waved goodbye and started fading away. She said one last thing as she disappeared.


“I know you. Don’t be stupid, but don’t be over cautious. Don’t hold back from using that rocket launcher in an emergency. You have five rockets. You won’t need that many. Keep two for an emergency and have some fun. Younger you would have a blast, and you will now. No pun intended.”


She finally faded from view, laughing at her own joke. I was laughing too. I was still in the tree and looking around. She wasn’t kidding. I fell asleep at some point. The sun was just rising. I don’t know what happened, but the Indominus was gone. I climbed down the tree and started heading south. She’s been right so far, no sense in doubting her now. I’ll find Bryce and Zach, we’ll get to that lab, and we’ll hit the dock from there.


Chapter 27

Round 1


I covered the distance from the tree where I’d spent the night to the building before noon. The dream, or vision, or whatever the hell that was that occurred was still fresh in my mind. I don’t know how to describe what occurred. Maybe it was fate, destiny, the grander plan, whatever you want to call it. If you don’t believe in fate, that’s your choice, but mine is to believe. I didn’t at one point to be honest, but looking back, I can’t think of any other way to justify it. Something inside me broke and the voice was trying to talk me into jumping, to give up and accept that it was my time to go. My stubbornness was about to give out when I heard my friend’s voice chime in. Maybe I am going crazy and my brain manifested the conversation to keep me going in a last-ditch attempt at self preservation. That doesn’t explain why she said the docks though. I was headed south, but I didn’t really actually know why; something was telling me south, but I don’t know why. Now I have a goal in mind and I’m going to achieve it.


I was sitting on the roof of the one-story building. I scoped out the area. There wasn’t much to scope out; the building was at the bottom of a valley with about a quarter mile of open plain before it hit dense brush. The grass was about waist high, but at 5’9” (5’10” with my favourite work boots) I wasn’t the tallest person around. The trees were tall and thick, making them perfect for predators to hide. I had looked in every direction and didn’t see anything of interest, but it was nice outside, so I stayed on the roof for a few hours. In the heat I dozed off rather quickly.


I woke up to a screeching roar. I grabbed the AR-50 and shouldered it. I set the scope on its lowest setting and looked in the direction I heard the roar. I then heard trees crashing, screaming and assault rifle fire. Bryce and Zach ran out of the woods. As much as I didn’t want to, I reached for the RPG. I didn’t feel it though. I looked at all my weapons that were laid out. The RPG was gone. I must have dropped it. Great, the only weapon that could kill the Indominus and I lost it. Typical. I grabbed the M107, shouldered it and took aim at the jungle behind them. I saw the branches of the outer trees start shaking violently as a large tree fell and tore some off on its way down. I took a deep breath, exhaled most of it and held my breath.


Time seemed to have slowed. I heard nothing but blood rushing through my head and my own heartbeat pounding. My left hand gripped the front of the stock and my right hand tightened on the pistol grip of the rifle. My index finger tensed on the trigger, but I didn’t pull it just yet. Bryce and Zach didn’t see me, or they didn’t care that I was there.


The Indominus charged through the final layer of trees. She stopped when she got through the last tree and looked. She seemed almost arrogant as she looked at Bryce and Zach. There was no hope for them it seemed. They were only a hundred yards ahead of her; they didn’t stand a chance. My own arrogance kicked in. She didn’t know I was there. That, or she didn’t know I could hurt her from where I stood. She roared and started running for the guys. She’s bloodthirsty and sadistic alright. She’s trying to make them as scared as possible before she actually kills them. Even now she’s just playing with them. She wants them to think they have a chance before she catches up. She doesn’t know what I’m planning.


With the M107, I couldn’t take as accurate a shot as I could with the AR-50. Both were .50 BMG sniper rifles, but the AR-50 had a scope and the M107 didn’t. I took the first shot. There was a deafening crack as the powder ignited and the bullet broke the sound barrier. The crack echoed throughout the valley and was only drowned out by the blood curdling shriek that was emitted by the Indominus as the bullet hit its mark; her left eye.


I watched the Indominus stop before clawing at her eye. When she stopped, she looked up and saw me. I had the rifle aimed and she turned and ran before I could get the next shot off at her good eye. I did put a bullet in the back of her head anyway though.


Bryce and Zach entered the building and made their way to the roof. I already had the guns out of their reach and the SPAS 12 shouldered. They opened the door and saw me. They quickly raised their arms.


“We aren’t going to do anything to you.”


“Put the guns down anyway.”


They quickly put their rifles and handguns down. I grabbed them and set them with my own guns. We all sat down and I started a fire. That was easy. Throw a bunch of burnable shit on a pile and shoot it with the dragon’s breath round.


“You f*cking redneck.”


“What? The way I started that fire, or the fact that I shot at the Indominus to save you guys.”


“The fact that you’ve found a way to solve all your problems with guns. If you’re not shooting something, you’re beating it with the stock. You’re a violent psycho is what you are.”


“That’s not very nice, especially considering I just saved your lives.”


“So what? Do we owe you now? If you think so you can shove that up your ass.”


“I ask for at least a little respect, that’s all.”


“You’ve changed. Why?”


“What’s wrong with change? I think it’s for the better.”


“What happened?”


“Had the weirdest dream. She told me to come here. She told me that if I hurried I’d be able to save you to. She told me I needed you and to head for the docks.”


“She? Who?”


“Doesn’t matter.”


“So you expect us to listen to you because some mystery woman told you that you need us and that we should head to the docks.”


“We have strength in numbers that way. Besides, there may be a boat there that runs.”


“Fine, but you do what you did to Bobby to me and I’ll haunt you forever.”


“I won’t.”


“You better not.”


The rest of the day was spent on the roof. We talked a little, but not much. The sun was setting, and I was enjoying the view. I was screwing around with the desert eagle too. Working the action, throwing it from hand to hand, flipping the safety on and off, but not firing it off. I don’t know when the last time I actually enjoyed a sunset was. I think it was with my fiancée the one day. We were at the top of a hill, overlooking a lake in the bed of my truck. The breeze was just right too. She made the view a million times better. I could feel myself dozing off, then everything went black, but the voices were back.


“You did good, but you need that rocket launcher.”


“Where is it?”


“In the plain. About halfway to the woods. Remember when you tripped?”


“That’s where I dropped it?”


“Yeah. Lucky for you it isn’t far. Be careful when you go for it, and only bring that shotgun.”




“What’s your gut telling you?”


“Too many guns will slow me down too much but I’m going to need one because she’ll be too close for me to use the rocket so I’ll need one to distract her?”






“You can do it, just put your mind to it and give it your all. Put your heart and soul into it. I know you have them. Like you did with your truck and college and everything else you’ve ever succeeded with. I believe in you.”




“Don’t hesitate. Listen to your gut. Do what you have to, no matter how hard, scary or wrong it feels.”


“I will.”


“This was round 1, round 2 will be a hell of a lot closer, scarier and more dangerous. I know you can come out on top.”


The voices stopped. I woke up in daylight. Why? The dreams are odd, but comforting at the same time. Are they a god sent message? I think it might be my brain trying to subconsciously comfort me. I was thinking I dropped the RPG when I tripped. These dreams are probably my mind having my best friend tell me what its thinking knowing full well I’ll listen to my best friend. That makes the most sense actually. I don’t know why, but I won’t protest because I found a new motivation.



Round 2 Part 1


I sat up and looked around. The other two were still asleep. I decided to grab the AR-50 and scope out the area. There wasn’t much to see, but I did fine the rocket launcher. That run won’t be fun at all. It’s about halfway to the woods in the direction the Indominus took off. I hate that the dream was right. Granted, in the dream, she told me that if I put my all into it I could do it. She’s been right about this much, why should I doubt her now? I’m not going to get arrogant because my best friend told me it’ll all be fine, but I am going to go into it confidently. She’d smack me if I got too arrogant, but she’d want me to be confident.


I looked for the Indominus but I didn’t see her. I didn’t have a thermal scope on the AR-50, so I couldn’t use that. I decided to look around inside the building. I wanted to go for the RPG but my gut was saying it’s not time. Something was pushing me to explore the building. I walked down the stairs to the main floor of the building and explored. I only brought the shotgun along because anything indoors is small enough that a shot of 12 gauge buckshot will drop it no problem.


I wandered the hallways and looked at the different rooms. There was a kitchen, a rec room, an office, a couple of rooms that had no real obvious use, an armoury, a janitor closet and a few other storage closets. I held back going to the armoury first because I knew I’d probably be digging through there for a while. The kitchen had some food, but not much, and even less that was any good. The offices were useless to me; only home to some shredded legal documents. Storage closets were useless, janitor closet was useless (I could use a broom as a weapon for shits and giggles but that’s about it). The rec room had a couch that would be awesome to sleep on if we spend another day in this building, but nothing else. I locked the rec room door. That couch is mine if we’re still here come dawn. Finally, I went for the armoury.


I turned the door knob. Rather, I tried to. It was locked, naturally. I stepped back and took aim with the shotgun. I took a shot and the door knob broke. The door swung open when I kicked it and I saw the armoury was rather small. Two assault rifles, no explosives, a shotgun, no handguns, and a single sniper rifle. It was one hell of a sniper rifle though. Have you ever seen something on tv where someone is holding something and they see the same thing but a hell of a lot better and they drop the thing in their hands to go for the better one? Well, that would have been me if I had the AR-50 when I saw this rifle. I walked over and grabbed it.


The rifle was a DSR-50. It is a 5 round, bolt action, bullpup .50 BMG. Bullpup means that the ammo loads behind the trigger assembly. It allows for the gun to be overall shorter and lighter while maintaining a longer barrel, making the weapon compact while maintaining accuracy. In my opinion, there are very few good-looking bullpup weapons. This is one of them. Its all black, it feels good in my hands and shouldered, the action is crisp and smooth, the trigger took very little effort to pull, but enough it won’t be pulled accidentally.


I went back up to the roof. I unfolded the bipod and took aim. I dialed in the scope rather quickly. In no time at all I was consistently hitting exactly where the crosshairs were lined up. I also flipped on the thermal scope and shot some small creatures that were hidden in the tall grass. The rifle performed amazingly. I then used the thermal to look for the Indominus. She was awake and glaring at me through the trees. I knew where she was, even despite the fact that she had camouflaged herself.


“You can’t hide now you big bitch.”


I grinned. This was awesome. I’ll wait until she’s asleep and then go for the rocket. If my dream is right, she’ll wake up and charge. Hopefully that part is wrong and she’ll stay asleep. Bryce and Zach had woken up while I was dialing in the scope. They weren’t happy, but screw them.


“What the f*ck man? Firing off a .50 cal while we sleep?”


“I was bored.”


“Isn’t there something else you can do?”


“Now that the rifle is dialled in, sure. I’ll be quiet.”


“You better.”


I didn’t respond, but I did get up and walk away. I went back to the rec room to sleep. Now that the Indominus is awake, it’s going to be a while before she goes to sleep, so I figured I should make the best of the time I have and go to sleep for a while. I lied down on the couch. Damn did it ever feel good to lie down on an actual piece of furniture instead of concrete or branches. I dozed off pretty quick, especially in the warmth of the room with no air conditioning. The breeze coming in and the heat made it easy to get comfortable.


“Hey, talk to me.”


“What’s up?”


“When you’re done here, I can’t talk to you anymore.”




“We just can’t. You won’t have time to evaluate the situation so I won’t be able to show up. I can help you when you need to talk over the details, but I can’t talk when there’s nothing to talk about.”


“That’s fair. That’s actually what I figured.”


“That your brain makes me appear to talk to you to give you advice and to keep you going because that’s just how you are?”


“More or less, yeah.”


“But at the same time, its saying things that are believable that she would actually say so you’ll listen without question, but you’ll still mull it over when you wake up because that’s what she’d want.”


“That’s kinda scary, actually.”


“You’re telling me. Anyway, that’s why I came here, I’ll talk to you again next time the stress, loneliness or depression kicks into overdrive.”


“See you around.”


She looked me in the eye. She pulled me close and hugged me. My arms weren’t pinned down this this time, so I hugged her back. She pulled back and I let go. She put her hands on my shoulders and looked me in the eye.


“I’ll always be here. The real me, not this illusion your mind has created out of self preservation. I’ll always be here in your heart and your memories. When you escape this place and get home, I’ll be waiting for you then to. So will your fiancée. We will always be here for you. Now get up, face the world, f*ck sh!t up, be the you most people love to hate, but the same person that the few who know you, under the callouses and at heart, love. For everyone who cares about you.”


“I will.”


“Good. Don’t hesitate to lie when necessary, kill, annihilate and do everything else to survive.”


I woke up. I walked up to the roof. The Indominus was asleep when I looked through the thermal scope. I grabbed the shotgun and headed for the rocket launcher. I was ¾ of the way there when a deafening crack echoed through the valley. I looked back. Those idiots were playing with the DSR. I started running for the RPG, and not a moment too soon. A second crack echoed, followed by a screech from the Indominus. I saw her stand up, but she didn’t see me. At that moment, I tripped and smoked my head off the ground. I was knocked unconscious by the impact.


“You’re back. What the hell?”


“That’s what I’m thinking. I think I tripped and bashed my head.”


“Good one. Big bitch see you?”


“I don’t think so.”


“Other two started shooting at it because they’re morons.”




“This may actually work out. She didn’t see you, she’s distracted by the other two, you may be able to get the RPG without any trouble and blow her up. How many rockets you bring with you?”


“Just one.”


“That’s all you need.”


Before anything else was said, I was thrown in the air. That’s when I snapped back to reality. The Indominus had seen me. She found me and threw me in the air. I looked down. I was still travelling upward. I was already fifty feet up and still going. I had no choice. I shouldered the shotgun and took aim. I started falling downward. This is going to suck. I’m high enough that if I hit the ground I’m dead. My only hope is that this works and I land on the Indominus’s back while she’s reared up so my decent in slowed gradually.


Chapter 29

Round 2 Part 2


Holy sh!t. This is going to hurt no matter what happens. The Indominus is looking up at me, waiting to snap. I had the shotgun pointed at her right eye, the only one left. From about forty feet up, I shot at her several times. The pain and the burning did what I had hoped and the Indominus didn’t attack me. She couldn’t. I landed on her back and slide down to the ground. The adrenaline pumping caused me to not feel any pain from the impact, except for a searing pain in my right leg that wore off quickly, but I’m going to be sore as hell when it wears off.


I ran for where the RPG was a covered the distance way faster than I ever expected. I grabbed the RPG and reached for a rocket as I looked at the Indominus. She was still flailing in pain. I didn’t feel a rocket though. I looked for it. It was gone. It wasn’t clipped to my belt anymore. I looked everywhere but it was not there. When I looked at the Indominus again, she was staring at me. The shotgun didn’t blind her. The spread missed her eye, but the area around it poured blood. The spread had went right around the eye and it was apparent that the blood was getting in her eye and impairing her vision. That was my only chance.


I walked towards the Indominus, shotgun ready for action. I had four rounds left in it. As I walked, I felt for more ammo. There was none, but I had forgotten the desert eagle in my waistband. It should be loaded and give that extra firepower. As I got closer, I saw the rocket. It had somehow gotten lodged in the Indominus’s nostril. New target for the desert eagle.


The Indominus charged and I fired a shot off at her eye. She reeled back, but she was determined to kill me. I ran and slid when we close. She had swung her claws but missed anything major by inches. There was a massive gash on my chest though. I worked through the pain and kept running. The Indominus turned and I fired at her again. This time, she came to a complete stop and shook her head violently. I kept running and didn’t stop. I heard her footsteps behind me and looked over my shoulder. She was at a slow walk, but she was still coming. I took a shot with the desert eagle and heard the metallic clang as the bullet bounced off the rocket. I’m going to need the DSR to kill her now. I was almost at the building when the Indominus picked up speed. I started running faster. It was my only chance.


I made it to the building. I don’t know how, but I did. I looked behind me and the Indominus was trying to get in. She couldn’t and soon gave up. She started walking back to the brush as I made my way top the roof. I grabbed the DSR from Bryce and took aim. I took one shot at the back of her head. She turned around and looked at me. She was moving her head around so I couldn’t get an accurate shot off at her eye. She knew she could get me right now. Just as she was about to charge, the ground started shaking, and a roar even more intimidating than the Indominus roar was hear. The Indominus looked in the direction the roar came from, and so did Bryce, Zach and I.


Terrance, Thorn and Shadow stepped out of the woods. I had an idea. I aimed for the Indominus again. The rocket was visible and she was standing still. I dialled the scope and took aim. Everything went slow and quiet. My finger tensed on the trigger and took the shot. The rifle kicked and a searing pain ripped through my chest, but I ignored it for the time being. I could see the vapour trail behind the bullet as is travelled towards its mark. The bullet hit the target and the rocket exploded. The Indominus was left on the ground as a crumpled, headless, bloody mess. The Tyrannosaurs stopped.


I stood up and looked. The Indominus didn’t even flinch or twitch. The Tyrannosaurs looked at me, looked at the Indominus and got the idea. They were looking at me when I turned around. Bryce had loaded the rocket launcher. Luckily, he couldn’t figure out the trigger and I kicked him, grabbed the rocket and unloaded it.


“The Tyrannosaurs won’t hurt us.”


There was no answer. I turned around and sat at the edge of the building. The Tyrannosaurs walked towards us. Bryce and Zach had no idea what to do, so they hid indoors. I looked at the Tyrannosaurs as they slowed to a stop about twenty feet from the building. I slowly stood up and looked at them. They were peaceful. I could almost see emotion in their eyes. They seemed grateful that I stopped Bryce. I guess. They had seen me use the RPG at one point and knew what it could do.
They nodded, turned, and headed for the carcass. I watched them eat for a while before I lied down to go to sleep.


I didn’t sleep very well that night. The gash on my chest hurt, I think I fractured my leg, I was in shock from what happened, I was physically exhausted but my mind was wide awake. When I did manage to sleep, it was light and the slightest noise woke me up. The pain in my chest and leg didn’t help me either.


When morning came, I still hadn’t slept enough. I tried to stand but quickly gave up on that. My leg hurt too much. I used the shotgun as a prop to stand up and I looked over the valley. The Tyrannosaurs were looking at me. I tried to walk over to the edge of the building but I tripped and couldn’t get up again. I managed to drag myself to the edge and watched the Tyrannosaurs.


They continued to watch me struggle for a minute. They seemed almost curious. Shadow ripped a piece of meat off the Indominus and started walking toward me. I tried to scramble back so I would be out of his reach, but there wasn’t much I could do. He reached me before I could have gotten out of reach and dropped the chunk of flesh. He then looked at me, then at the flesh, and then back at me. He then turned and went back to the other two. The Tyrannosaurs just gave me food. Why? I’m injured. I guess that’s obvious. But that still doesn’t answer why. Is it because I killed the Indominus? Or is it because they recognized I saved them from Bryce and they’re returning the favour. Maybe it’s a combination of the events. Regardless, I’m not going to pass up a free meal.


I lit a fire and started ripping chunks off the slab of meat. As I cooked, I watched the Tyrannosaurs. They seemed as interested in me as I was in them. They saw I was looking at them but didn’t seem to care. They did perk up after a minute, causing me to look around. It was Bryce and Zach.


“Grab a chunk and sit down. I’m fine.”


“What happened?”


“Shadow ripped a chunk off that carcass and brought it here.”




“Don’t know. Maybe because its my kill. Maybe because I’m injured and saved them the hassle. I really don’t know.”


“Well, ok then.”


There wasn’t much of a conversation after that. A few small words between bites, but nothing worth mentioning. I hate these conversations. There’s no depth to them and its usually stupid crap. I miss the deep conversations with my best friend and my fiancée. Ah well, those will happen again. When I get out of here. I hobbled down the stairs and lied down on the rec room couch. I closed my eyes and slowly started dozing off.


I saw my best friend again. She was smiling. Every bit of her body language was bursting with joy. She wrapped her arms around me and didn’t let go. The only thing that occurred in that dream was a long, warm embrace and a few, brief words.


“Good job. I’m proud of you. You’re almost done.”

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I Meme Everything

MemberAllosaurusOct-05-2017 1:22 PM

Seventy feet long seems like much for an Indominus, I'd say fifty feet is good. The I.rex in Jurassic World wasn't fully grown, remember. Good chapter, loved the exchange between the main character and his friend.

"Part of the journey is the end..."

Something Real

MemberTyrannosaurus RexOct-05-2017 1:40 PM

LORD VADER - It is such a wonderful treat to have this adventure to read once more! i have missed it! You yet again provide and extremely neat and compelling chapter, my friend; the depth of detail and realistic vision - as always - is exceptional. Thank you ever so much for taking the time to continue sharing this wonderful series with us! :)

Lord Vader

MemberTyrannosaurus RexOct-08-2017 7:39 PM

That is a fair point Tyrannos, but who's to say genetic engineering didn't cause this one to be larger?


Thanks guys, I try to make this as realistic as possible while keeping things interesting.


Jack of all trades. Master of none

Something Real

MemberTyrannosaurus RexOct-09-2017 2:08 PM

LORD VADER - This latest chapter was most excellent! I very much enjoyed the introspection wich involved the main character - it was very thought-provoking and highly detailed. Thank you ever so much for sharing this with us! :)

I Meme Everything

MemberAllosaurusOct-09-2017 4:18 PM

"Part of the journey is the end..."


MemberCompsognathusOct-11-2017 7:48 AM

I enjoy this chapter so much thank you lord vader

"he is the only one who survived the flames"-shamarsh

I Meme Everything

MemberAllosaurusOct-12-2017 12:16 PM

"Part of the journey is the end..."

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