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''You can't just suppress 65 million years of gut instinct.''

''You can't just suppress 65 million years of gut instinct.''

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TriceratopsMember126 XPJun-15-2017 1:11 PM

Please Universal,

Let dinosaurs be dinosaurs again. They are scary enough as they are, as shown in the photos. Please no more raptor bros or bonding with dinosaurs.

AND PLEASE, no more horny teenagers interested in nothing else but sex. No more damn Einstein kids. 

More animatronics, less CGI if possible.

And an adult dilophosaurus if you can.


As a treat, here are some pics from the dinosaur museum at Brussels, where the Bernissart Iguanodons are on display:



7 Responses to ''You can't just suppress 65 million years of gut instinct.''

I Meme Everything

AllosaurusMember4115 XPJun-15-2017 1:18 PM

I agree with what you stated.

"Part of the journey is the end..."


TriceratopsMember126 XPJun-15-2017 1:27 PM

Thanks Ultimus D. Tyrannus! I really hope JW2 will be somewhat closer in style and narrative to the original. 

Even if it's not, I'd still go see it at least once.


Something Real

Tyrannosaurus RexMember5639 XPJun-15-2017 2:10 PM

SNAKE - I can not adequately express in words how much I agree with your statements. Therefore, I shall simply say this: you have hit upon key points which I believe are paramount to the success of a Jurassic Park films! Thank you ever so much for taking the time to voice your opinion! :)


TriceratopsMember126 XPJun-16-2017 9:40 AM

Any time SR! But I think I'm a little too late since they already filmed it...Let's just hope for the best then :)

Jurassic Park Fan For LIFE

CompsognathusMember76 XPJun-16-2017 11:32 AM

Blue and Rexy didn't become "bros" but the none of the raptors in JW were scary.

I agree 100% with no more horny teenagers but smart kids aren't that bad.

And I believe JW2 should have a good mixture of animatronics and CGI.


TriceratopsMember126 XPJun-16-2017 1:33 PM


I also want more than one animatronic in the whole movie... like seriously, the apatosaurus was the only one! For shame!

They could have easily made some puppets for the raptors when they were getting a check-up in their 'head-cages'.

Jurassic Park Fan For LIFE

CompsognathusMember76 XPJun-17-2017 7:26 AM

I heard that Trevorrow wanted more animatronics but Universal didn't allow it.

Whatever the case I'm glad we will have more in JW2.

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