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Allosaurus vs Suchomimus

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CompsognathusMember67 XPNov-07-2016 5:51 PM

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to another DINO RUMBLE today we shall have to monsters face off against each other in the blue corner we have the Suchomimus and in the red corner is the Allosaurus and as a surprise guest we have a pack of mapusaurus get ready for an amazing fight and also don't forget to comment on how I can improve and who should fight next. FIGHT


It was a peaceful moonlit night as an Allosaurus lay down just inside the tree line he was watching the river hoping a herbivore might decide to rest there and then he could kill it and eat as he was waiting he heard stomping coming from the right he looked that way and saw a Suchomimus walking along the sand he was staring forwards and occasionally looking back suddenly four mapusaurus appeared on the left side they were walking in a straight line heading towards the Suchomimus the Allosaurus stood up she walked through the trees these mapusaurus were on her land and they would pay for it she walked until she was behind them the she stepped out from the trees the mapusaurs attention was on the Suchomimus so she she easily snuck up on them she was right behind them when one sniffed the air and spun around the Allosaurus kicked it the mapusaur went flying through the air and landed in the river she then proceded with grabbing the next one in the her mouth the other two ran at her one jumped on her back and the other attacked her belly she dropped onto her stomach squishing the one underneath her she stood up and shook around until she dislodged the mapusaur she spun around and whacked it with her foot stunning it she then turned around the Suchomimus was still there she advanced on it it was only young and she was in her prime she was fifteen metres away when it charged at her she ducked her head it rammed into the Suchomimus both were knocked to the floor the Suchomimus got up first and started to limo away his foot was twisted at an odd angle the Allosaurus got up and stared at his retreating back she ran at him and jumped onto his back crushing him to the floor she bit down on his spine snapping it then she stepped off of him she rolled him over he was completely paralysed and then she bit down on his neck he writhed for a moment but then stopped he had died she stepped away and slowly turned around the mapusaurus had gone she turned back around she had gotten food and was set for weeks.


hope you guys enjoyed the fight please comment how I can improve them and who should fight next.

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