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MemberCompsognathusMar-10-2016 6:30 AM

Just noticed suggestions outside of scified that carno might have had jaws well-suited for 'axing' and a long-ish flexible neck to support such action. Skull comes in pieces that move around when chewing to reduce stress on the bone. 

Looks like carnotaurus might not have been helpless as I used to think.

Thoughts, questions, comments, civil conversations welcome. Haters get the sh!t out. I'm serious.


2 Replies


MemberCompsognathusMar-10-2016 6:31 AM

which could hack harder? allos or carnos? could other abelisaurs hack as well?


MemberAllosaurusMar-10-2016 10:13 PM

I would still like to see a cloaking Carnotaurs unfortunately its role was taken by Indominus rex. Oh well at least it had Carnotaurus in it.

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