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The End Part 6: Tyrance Vs Nequit Dominum, the Fate of the Future

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AllosaurusModerator3811 XPOct-05-2015 10:35 AM


Part 6: Tyrance vs Nequit Dominum, the Last Chance


Volcanoes erupted in the background, creating thick mists in the sky, which was hauntingly dark, and the land was covered in fire, all except the battleground Tyrance and Nequit Dominum were on. Inside a fissure in the earth made by a quake, Tyrance and Nequit Dominum size up each other, preparing for one of the most intense battles in the history of the planet Earth.

Dominum bellows, and Tyrance bellows back, this is it, the final battle. Tyrance charged Nequit Dominum, ramming him into jagged rocks. Nequit Dominum wasn’t phased by this, he clawed Tyrance and pushed him away. From that point he grabbed Tyrance’s skull and pushed it into a sharp wall, Tyrance tanked this and grabbed Nequit Dominum’s arm, sending him into immense pain.

Nequit clawed Tyrance’s skull, forcing him to let go of his bite; he proceeded to smack Tyrance with the sharp end of his claw, biting his neck all through out. Tyrance wasn’t having this, he pulled through and clamped on to Nequit Dominum’s neck, and held on using his max bite-force of 22,000 pounds. Nequit felt the same pain he had one year ago, and his neck began to bleed profusely. Nequit clawed Tyrance’s body, forcing him to let go. From there Dominum bellowed and rammed into Tyrance, smashing him into jagged rocks, slicing the Alpha’s skin.

Dominum continually smashed sharp rocks into Tyrance, Tyrance bellowed in agonizing pain at this, but pulled through, grabbed one of the rocks with his mouth, and smashed it into Nequit’s skull with the combined force of his own. Dominum took a step back and grabbed his head, he was in incredible pain, he had never felt that before. Nequit shook it off and charged, he grabbed Tyrance’s skull and threw him.

Tyrance stumbled back a bit, but regained his balance and charged Nequit and clamped on to his enormous skull. Dominum bellowed in pain as his skull was being crushed by Tyrance, but Nequit wasn’t finished- he sank his sword-like claws into Tyrance’s thick hide, forcing Tyrance to yell in agonizing pain.

Tyrance stumbled back a bit, he had never felt such an awful pain before, but he wasn’t even at the worst of it. Nequit bellowed laughing, and clamped on to Tyrance’s skull, attempting to show his foe what he felt, but he didn’t anticipate Tyrance’s sheer defense and cunning. Tyrance lifted his mouth just enough and clawed the inside of Nequit Dominum’s mouth with one of his banana sized teeth. Nequit bellowed and stumbled back in horrible pain, but it wasn't over as Tyrance grabbed Nequit’s lower jaw and held on, breaking it under 22,000 pounds of force.

Nequit stumbled back with his jaw shaking madly, he swung his head low and breathed in an out, and in an instant his jaw began to fluctuate like gelatin and healed. Why did he have to have regeneration. Tyrance was in shock at this, but it wasn’t over, as the tip of Nequit Dominum’s snout began to fluctuate. Tyrance could only watch as a incredibly large horn protruded out of his snout, as long as a Styracosaurus horn.

Dominum now had an even fiercer weapon, and he knew how to use it. Nequit Dominum charged Tyrance attempting to ram into him with the horn; Tyrance escaped the first buck, but wasn’t anticipating Nequit’s cunning and was cut by a side buck of the horn. Tyrance bellowed in agonizing pain as his hip was sliced by the horn.

Nequit Dominum began to realize something, he can’t tank Tyrance’s full power bites, he has to weaken his energy supply and from there he can kill him. Nequit Dominum wasted no time in diminishing Tyrance’s stamina. He ran around in circles, confusing the beast, did countless light slashes on his hide, all of these Tyrance was harmed by, and this was not good.

Tyrance finally grabbed Dominum’s neck and smashed his head into a wall. Nequit bellowed in pain but managed; Dominum grabbed Tyrance’s skull and threw him into the wall, he then bucked his body with the horn, forcing Tyrance to bellow in pain.

Tyrance bellowed, he rammed into the demon- but he was too weak to even nudge him. The demon grabbed Tyrance and flung him over. Tyrance stood up and clamped onto Nequit’s neck- biting him with 20,000 pounds of pure pressure, it made it bleed- but it wasn’t enough. Nequit bellowed and using his demonic strength pushed back Tyrance’s skull, he then proceeded to smash him into the wall of the spilt in the Earth; non-stop Nequit smashed Tyrance’s skull, with no let up. Tyrance attempted to push back but it was to no avail, his giant jaws dripped blood profusely, he felt is strength diminish, it couldn’t be, but it was. This was the end of the Tyrant King. Nequit finally stopped smashing his skull, he looked at Tyrance and saw his face was filled with blood, this gave the Demon pleasure, and he continued smashing his skull.

Tyrance was in so much pain he couldn’t even bellow, and he knew it was the end.

 Right at the exit of the fissure, Egypt the Spinosaurus watches as Tyrance is brutally being killed. Egypt thinks for a moment, he knows he can leave and evade danger, but if he does this he will have to live with the always impending fear of Nequit Dominum. Egypt made his decision, he knew what had to be done.

Nequit Dominum grabbed Tyrance’s neck and lifted his body up, he looked at the bloody, battered, and beaten Tyrant one last time and prepared to stab his throat. Nequit bellowed psychotically and prepared his claws, but just as he did this, Egypt! The Spinosaurus clamped on to Nequit Dominum’s neck, sank his claws into his ribs and pulled him away, smashing him into the sharp rocks on the edge of the wall. Tyrance fell to the ground, completely drained of energy, but alive.

Nequit clamped onto Egypt’s neck and pushed him away. He finally got a clear look at his attacker, the Spinosaurus he had been hunting down! Nequit bellowed laughing, finally being able to kill Egypt, he charged. Nequit Dominum charged Egypt, but was shocked as Egypt grabbed his arms and flung him to the side. Egypt from there clawed Dominum’s back profusely sending him into immense pain; Dominum stood up and clawed Egypt’s enormous body, from there he bit the Spinosaurus’s sail and clawed his skull.

Egypt too was completely weakened, and Dominum prepared his claws, but just as he prepared his claws Tyrance finally regaining energy charged Dominum, clamped on to his neck and ran him into a sharp rock, piercing the Demon’s skin. Nequit Dominum for once in his life was scared, two tyrants were ganging up on him, and he couldn’t escape, this was his final fight just as much as it was theirs.

Nequit Dominum stood up, he looked at Tyrance and Egypt who were staring at him with their teeth bared. Dominum did the same, he ran his claws through the rock creating a large mark, bellowed, and charged. Nequit Dominum rammed into Egypt, but just as he did this Tyrance grabbed his spine and threw him aside; Tyrance bared his teeth and grabbed Nequit’s skull while Egypt clawed his body, sending the demon into near un-measurable pain. Nequit rammed his horn into the roof of Tyrance’s mouth, forcing the predator to let go. From there Nequit grabbed Egypt’s neck and threw him into a sharp blockade. he did the same to Tyrance.

Nequit Dominum prepared to stab Tyrance’s skull with his demonic claw, but his plans were halted as Egypt stabbed his neck, sending the Demon into shock. Tyrance stood up and watched as Nequit Dominum backed up grabbing the wound; Dominum looked at his hand and saw blood, gushing out from his wound. Nequit Dominum began to feel fear, he looked at Tyrance and Egypt, all he saw of them was demons, no longer prey for him. Nequit Dominum attempted to escape but couldn’t as Tyrance grabbed his leg tripping him up, while he did this Egypt stomped his head in to the ground.

Nequit Dominum lie on the ground, defeated, bloodied, and wounded. Tyrance looked at Egypt, and Egypt looked at him. Tyrance made his way towards the exit, sparing Egypt’s life, and Egypt did the same. Just as they did this, Tyrance heard a loud screech of pain, he looked behind himself to see Egypt on the ground being ferociously clawed by Nequit.

Dominum clawed Egypt’s enormous spine, sending the lizard into incredible pain. Nequit Dominum however wasn’t expecting Tyrance, who rammed his massive skull straight into the demon’s rib, shattering them instantly. Nequit Dominum bellowed and backed up, he attempted to heal his ribs, little did he know Trance knew his tricks. Tyrance didn’t let Nequit heal up and clamped on to his skull, throwing him to the ground.

Nequit Dominum stood up and watched as both Tyrance and Egypt charged him, he knew what he had to do. Nequit Dominum grabbed Tyrance’s neck and smashed him into Egypt, sending the two crashing into the sharp wall. Tyrance got up and bellowed at Egypt, but this display of dominance was of no use as Nequit Dominum clawed Tyrance’s face, lifted it up, and pushed it over into the wall of the fissure.

Egypt stumbled to his feet and rammed into Nequit Dominum, sending the two titans into a clay wall, which the two bursted through creating a new path inside the crack in the earth. There was lava inside this new path, Egypt evaded it but some of it spewed onto Dominum, but it didn’t seem to phase the beast.  Nequit Dominum clamped on to Egypt’s neck and pushed both of them outside of the cavern they created. Dominum looked and saw Tyrance to his left, and Egypt to his right. The two charged Nequit, going with their heads.

Nequit, using nearly all of his strength used his palms and pushed back the top of Tyrance and Egypt’s skulls preventing them from ramming into him, but they weren’t giving up, this was not going to end well.

At the top of the cliff, Earth and his pack of three Mapusaurus are crossing by- and to Nequit’s mis-fortune they notice the two fighting.

At the same time, the Allosaurus, Difference, arrives on the other side of the cliff. The two notice Nequit Dominum fighting Tyrance and Egypt; Difference has secretly been watching Nequit Dominum’s rampage, he knows what this creature is capable of, and he must stop it. Earth looks straight and sees a massive boulder atop the cliff. Conveniently, the boulder is right above Nequit Dominum’s feet, Earth knows what must be done.

Difference sees a break in the top of the cliff, he knows if he puts enough force he will be able to send countless rocks tumbling on Dominum, he knows what he has to do.

Earth using his incredible size knocks over the boulder, sending it smashing onto Nequit Dominum’s foot; Difference stomps the break in the ground, sending many jagged rocks onto Dominum’s back.

Nequit Dominum yells in un-imaginable pain, his foot was completely broken, his back was sliced, and Tyrance and Egypt both rammed into him. Nequit Dominum crawls over to a side of the wall, he quickly enters a meditational state, and to Tyrance and Egypt’s misfortune, heals back his foot.

Nequit Dominum was now beyond enraged, he had not only been tricked, but was being beaten- he had to kill these demons now. Egypt had enough, he charged Egypt attempting to break his neck. He failed however, as Nequit Dominum rammed his horn into Egypt’s body, sending the behemoth falling to the ground in pain.

Tyrance was now alone to deal with Nequit, this was it, one on one, Tyrance vs Dominum. Tyrance charged Dominum, going to his side he lifted and threw Dominum into the wall using his massive skull and body. From there he sliced Nequit’s already weakened skin with the tip of his teeth, and clamped onto his neck, but Nequit clawed his body escaping this rather quickly.

Nequit Dominum stood and stared directly at Tyrance, he attempted to charge the Alpha with his rhinoceros like horn. Nequit Dominum failed badly, as Tyrance perfectly grabbed the horn in his mouth, and smashed it underneath 22,000 pounds of pure pressure. Nequit Dominum fell to the ground, he was in shock that his mighty horn had been broken, but this only angered him, he charged Tyrance.

Tyrance could do nothing as Nequit stabbed his jagged claws into the behemoths leg. He then proceeded to bite Tyrance’s skull and threw him into a boulder, sending him crashing through it. Nequit wasn’t done, he rammed his elbow into Tyrance’s rib, sending the Tyrant into agonizing pain. Nequit attempted to do it again, but Tyrance avoided it and with a stroke of luck, missed his attempt to bite Dominum’s head and clawed Nequit’s eyes, blinding him. Nequit Dominum backed up bellowing in pain, he had lost his most valuable asset, his eyes; Nequit Dominum wasn’t finished however, his sense of smell was so keen, it was almost like a second set of eyes, he was able to see Tyrance in a infra-red form of vision based on what his nose smelt.

Nequit Dominum grabbed Tyrance by his neck and profusely clawed the top of his head, Tyrance was mortally-wounded, and the next strike would mean the end. Nequit Dominum threw Tyrance aside, Tyrance could only watch as Nequit Dominum picked up a jagged rock and aimed it like a spear, preparing to stab Tyrance. However, just as Dominum launched the spear, Egypt once again saving Tyrance’s life grabbed the Demon and threw him aside, the spear was launched directly into the mountain, sparing Tyrance from death. Egypt engaged Nequit in a final fight! Dominum clawed the Spinosaurus’s spine, but Egypt retaliated by clawing Nequit’s neck, both bellowed in agony. Nequit Dominum had enough, he rammed Egypt into a wall and clamped onto his neck! Egypt clawed him with all his might, but Nequit wouldn’t let go, this was the end.

Egypt began to shake his head profusely, he couldn’t take another second of the pain, and Dominum only grinned with pleasure. Tyrance using his powerful legs struggled to stand up, he was too late however, a large crunch emanated through the entire battlefield.

Egypt, the Spinosaurus lay lifeless in Nequit Dominum’s jaws. Nequit threw Egypt down, he turned to Tyrance with his jaws dripping blood, and grinned menacingly. No, Tyrance couldn’t take it anymore. He charged Nequit Dominum and grabbed his neck with his mighty jaws, from there he ran with him in his jaws through a giant rocky blockade, smashing through it. Nequit Dominum could do nothing as Tyrance ran with him like a shield through sharp rocky blockades deep inside the cliff. Another jagged blockade lie ahead, Tyrance smashed Dominum straight through it, sending the demon into agonizing pain, and Tyrance also.

Tyrance knew he couldn’t take anymore, he knew he was going to die, and in those moments he thought of his dead pack members- the only thing keeping him going….He had to avenge them….He couldn’t die now. Tyrance smashed Nequit through another blockade and another, sending both of them into agonizing pain.

Tyrance smashed him into one final blockade, and straight in-front of it a spear-shaped jagged rock lie ahead, Tyrance rammed Nequit straight through it, piercing the Demon’s neck. Tyrance watched as Nequit struggled with pierced jugular vein; blood gushed from the Demon’s neck, and he bellowed with sadness. Nequit Dominum felt his life begin to slip from his body, he looked at Tyrance, no, he couldn’t die to him, no! Nequit Dominum swung his head down and regenerated enough of his jugular back, he then proceeded to yank the sword-like rock from his neck, and although blind, swung it madly at Tyrance! Tyrance avoided each slice by swinging his head in strange directions, one last sniff, a finale to the gaze, the ultimate strike! Tyrance grabbed the sword-like rock with his jaws, swung his entire body around, and stabbed it straight through Nequit Dominum’s head, piercing his skull.

Nequit Dominum knew it was the end, this was it. There is nothing like that feeling when you know you can’t win anymore. Dominum wasn’t afraid of death no he wasn’t, he was afraid of the fact that he would never be able to kill the One That Got Away. Nequit Dominum stumbled to his knees as Tyrance stood taller. He looked at Tyrance one last time, and bellowed. Tyrance didn’t give him the pleasure of dying softly, he grabbed Nequit Dominum’s neck for the final time, and, broke, it, under, 22,000 pounds, of pure, unbridled, pressure.

Nequit Dominum, the Unstoppable Demonic Lord, lay lifeless in Tyrance’s mighty and bloody jaws. Tyrance threw Nequit down, he looked up and saw that the cavern they were in was beginning to collapse due to the de-stabilization. Tyrance, although mortally and severely wounded limped outside of the cavern, barely escaping death.

The entire left side of the cliffside collapsed.

 Tyrance limped over to Egypt’s corpse and let out a kingly bellow, showing solidarity and honor to the great beast, and made his way outside of the fissure, he was now on a plains free of flame and mist. Tyrance began to limp, his breathing slowed down rapidly and his wounds began to bleed profusely.

 No, it can’t be. Tyrance stumbled and fell to the ground, this can’t be, he succumbed to his wounds?!?!

Part 6 End.

Good grief.

9 Responses to The End Part 6: Tyrance Vs Nequit Dominum, the Fate of the Future


TriceratopsMember200 XPOct-05-2015 5:25 PM

FINALLY ND dies!!!  Took long enough.  If someone that deranged gets into combat and dies, there was no choice.

This is definitely my favourite chapter.  A T.rex and Spinosaurus, which some indirect help from an Allosaurus and a few Mapusaurus made for a great idea!  Inspiration from Jurassic World?


AllosaurusModerator3811 XPOct-05-2015 5:44 PM

^Thank you so much! I actually have been thinking of this story since February, I have had the whole idea and this fight was always going to happen, so glad I was able to imagine it onto writing that is pleasing to the eyes. Chapter 7 the final chapter will be on Friday, going to give this time to sit.

Good grief.

Lord Vader

Tyrannosaurus RexMember6270 XPOct-06-2015 5:37 PM

Nice chapter. This goes for 'em all, not just this one.

Jack of all trades. Master of none


AllosaurusModerator3811 XPOct-06-2015 5:45 PM

^Thank you.

Good grief.


TriceratopsMember120 XPOct-07-2015 7:01 PM

This was great! There are two things that amaze me here, how good these are and how long they are. I agree with @Alphadino65 with the four dinosaur attack thing. I'm a little sad Egypt died but he did good. I can't wait for the next one!

Something Real

Tyrannosaurus RexMember5639 XPOct-07-2015 7:43 PM

GORILLAGODZILLA - That was a phenominal end to your story! I very much enjoyed the amount of destruction and carnage that you included in this final addition! Though it needed to be destroyed for its own sake and the sake of the world, I still felt somewhat sad that Nequit Dominum was slain. Regardless, thank you ever so much for having taken the time to produce this fantastic series for our enjoyment! :)


AllosaurusModerator3811 XPOct-07-2015 8:26 PM

^Thanks guys, and we aren't done yet! We have one final chapter!

Good grief.

Something Real

Tyrannosaurus RexMember5639 XPOct-07-2015 10:37 PM



AllosaurusMember3687 XPOct-08-2015 7:24 PM

This was a good chapter, looking forward to the finale.


Finally I saw Nequit Dominum die, was waiting for that demon to die!


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