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My Drawing of a Velociraptor

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MemberAllosaurusSep-14-2015 7:01 PM

Well I have never done something like this but why now?


Well for this year in school I was require to take a History of American Art as part of a educational regime and one assignment we had to draw a illustration of anything that showed we understood art concepts, such as line, shape, shading, and all that fancy terms.


I was surprised in how mine turned out, I am not lying when I say this is probably the best I'll ever get, and it's nto the best but I'm still proud.


It's a male raptor looking for materials to build his nest.


Hope you guys find something neat about it, leave your honest comments below if you have any.

If link doesn't work try these:

Link #1

Link #2


Thanks for looking,



9 Replies


ModeratorAllosaurusSep-14-2015 7:12 PM

The artwork is really, very nice.

The background could use some work honestly, but the Raptor himself is relatively awesome- It really is. Maybe some more detail on the feathers, killer claw, and head a bit. He does look maybe a little too much like a bird, I'm getting a scavenging pigeon a bit with his enlarged tail but nonetheless, good work!

Good grief.

Therizinosaurus Rex(aka Kaijusaurs)

MemberCompsognathusSep-14-2015 7:13 PM


 Raptoars are bird.


BUt anyway nice!

Therizinosaurus for JW2!


MemberAllosaurusSep-14-2015 7:19 PM

Thanks for the advice, the reason why he looks like a bird is because it's said Velociraptors would have looked liek odd birds so thats how I tried to draw this raptor. There's not much brackground as I felt I would ruin it haha.


Thanks for the compliments!



MemberTriceratopsSep-14-2015 7:41 PM

This is very good! I do agree it kinda looks like a bird but it's looks like a velociraptor archeopteryx hybrid. I like it, keep up the good work.


MemberAllosaurusSep-14-2015 8:32 PM

Well I mean many paleontologists do say it would have looked like an odd bird, and Velociraptor came from an ancestor that branched off from birds, so I think it's okay I made it look like a bird, an odd one at that. :)



Sci-Fi King25

MemberAllosaurusSep-15-2015 12:42 PM

Oooh. Looks pretty good. Nice job!


Looks like this one.

“Banana oil.”- George Takei, Gigantis: The Fire Monster


MemberAllosaurusSep-15-2015 4:43 PM

Looking back I based this drawing off of the one you just showed me, Sci-Fi King. That is actually one of my favorite illustrations of dinosaurs.



MemberAllosaurusSep-15-2015 4:44 PM

Alos thanks for the compliment!



MemberCompsognathusSep-17-2015 8:27 PM

Great job!

"Remove the splinter from your eyeball, and, while there will be pain and ooze, you will once again see."

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