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Jurassic World:Extinction Chapter 1,2, And 3

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Sword Sam

CompsognathusMember1 XPJul-26-2015 12:57 PM

Jurassic World: Extinction
Written By: Sam Belaski

Chapter 1: The Death Of A Great Man

We Start On A Poor Dying Man, As 2 Women, And 1 Man. The Man And Young Woman Are 20 Year-Olds, When The Other Is 40 Years-Old. The Man Coughing In The Bed Slowly Says, "Kill Whoevers Idea It Was To Create Jurassic World, KILL ALL THOSE DINOSAURS!", The 40 Year-Old Woman Then Says To The 20 Year-Old Man And Woman,"Tim,Lex,Please Leave... Me And Alan Want Some Alone Time...", Tim And Lex Slowly Walk Out The Door From The Emergency Room. As They Walk Away From The Room They Overhear Alan Grant Saying, "Ellie, I Trust You With All The Records From Any Completed Research We've Done... I'm Not Going To Make It...". Ellie Then Walks Out The Door In Slowly Dripping Tears.

Chapter 2: A Job For Tim And Lex

We Then See Tim And Lex In A Boarding Room Talking To A Buisness Man. The Man Says, " I Have A Job, It Is Practicilly The Same Alan Said, Kill All Those Dinosaurs, Even Before John Hammond Died, He Said Do A Deed For Me, If Jurassic Park Ever Opens And It Gets Destroyed... Kill All The Dinosaurs Where The Park Is Built, Mainland Or Isla, It Doesn't Matter".Tim Then Says, "So Why Are You Telling Us?", The Man Anwsers,"I Want You To Go With Ingen To Isla Nublar To Hunt The Dinosaurs.", Tim Then Whispers Into Lex's Ear And As Soon As Tim Gets Off Of Lex's Ear He Replies With, "Okay.".

Chapter 3: A Familiar Island To The Murphy's

We Start On A Doubled-Bladed Helicopter With Tim And Lex Talking To The Squad Leader, "Louis Baron", As The Enter The Chain Of Isla's Lex Spots A Plane And Asks To Louis, "Were's That Plane Going?", Louis Anwers With, "It's The Sorna Squad, Were The Nublar Squad, There's A Site B On Isla Sorna That Has Dinosaurs On It, There Going There To Research Or Kill The Dinosaurs, As For Us, We Got The Same Fate, But On The Original Jurassic Grounds..."...

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Sword Sam

CompsognathusMember1 XPJul-26-2015 12:59 PM

Hope This Is Successful, Put Your Opinion, The More Good I Get I Will Continue, The More Bad, No More Will Be Uploaded.

Something Real

Tyrannosaurus RexMember5639 XPJul-28-2015 8:25 PM

SWORD SAM - That was very interesting! I enjoyed the way in which you have integrated characters with which the reader will be familiar! Thank you very much for sharing this with us! :)

Sword Sam

CompsognathusMember1 XPJul-31-2015 8:38 AM

Yea, I Think TLW Didn't Do Great With There Cameo, I Wanted To See These Characters As Kind Of Buissiness Partners, BTW Sorry For The Delay, School Starts Next Week, So I'm Kinda Trying To Fill In My Lost Lazyness From The Summer.

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