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Saurophaganax vs. Tarascosaurus

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UCMP 118742

CompsognathusMember0 XPMar-20-2014 6:23 AM

Saurophaganax vs. Tarascosaurus

Saurophaganax maximus

Length: 39 feet (12 meters)
Weight: 5 tons
Era: Late Jurassic
Location: North America

These animals have large and strong arms with three long claws. Their jaws aren't very impressive, whilst long, they are not very powerful, but like their cousin, Allosaurus, the Saurophaganax can perform the 'Hatchet-Bite'. They are relatively light-weight for their length like most other Allosaurids. They have long and muscular legs with three enormous toe claws. Their teeth are thin and very sharp. That in combination with the 'Hatchet-Bite' can cause extreme blood loss.

Tarascosaurus salluvicus

Length: 30 feet (9 meters)
Weight: 3 tons
Era: Late Cretaceous
Location: Europe

Tarascosaurus have very short arms, which are next to useless. Their jaws are very strong and their thick skull can be used to ram into prey. They have long and strong legs and are quite fast, but they rae still fairly stocky and bulky. They are often seen hunting the mixed herds of Rhabdodon and Ampelosaurus. They have a thick hide with small knobs running down the back.


A female Tarascosaurus is wandering around in a lush forest. She knows that a drought will be coming soon and she wants to be prepared. She's been following a herd of Ampelosaurus for about three days. She managed to get a few bites in on a sub-adult, but the wounds healed before it bled out. This time she plans to end it once and for all.

The herd stops at a small pond and the large sauropods quench their thirst. Now's the time to strike. She get's ready and starts charging at the sub-adult while it is still drinking, but before she can even get close to the sauropods a massive animal crashes out of seemingly nowhere and towards the injured sub-adult. The male Saurophaganax leaps at the Ampelosaurus, which falls down from the weight, and starts disembowling it.

The female looks at the Saurophaganax closely and then she heads in his direction. She stops in front of the large Allosaur and roars at it. The male looks up from his meal and is confused as to why a smaller animal would challenge him, but he accepts her challenge by roaring back at her and stomping his foot on the corpse.

They both take a few steps back and stare at each other. Now the female can realises that the Saurophaganax is a lot larger than he looked from afar. She's giving second thoughts on whether or not she should retreat. Then the male charges at her. She tries to avoid it, but she doesn't mange it in time and the male shoulder checks her. They get into a shoving match, but the Saurophaganax can easily overpower her due to his extra weight.

He pusher her to the ground and then roars at her, but she stands up again and instantly runs at him. He lashes out with his arm and hit's her point blank in the head. She falls to the ground, exhausted. The male stomps at the ground in front of her and roars at her. But she isn't willing to give up. She stands back up and takes a few steps back.

She's at a clear disadvantage, she'll have to plan her next move very cautiously. She closes her eyes and almost falls down due to the pain caused by the three large claw marks running across her snout. Now the Saurophaganax charges. He runs at her with incredible speed and she can't possibly evade his attack.

He shoves her to the ground and raises his head to perform the 'Hatchet-Bite'. She already has experience with fighting Allosaurs and knows how devastating that attack is. She manages to kick his chest and push him away before he can bring down his jaws. Then she stands up and charges at him. The Saurophaganax doesn't expect her to have that much energy left and so he is surprised by her sudden attack.

She head butts him and then starts pushing him to the ground. With the momentum of her charge she manages to shove him to the ground and then she stomps on his chest, breaking many ribs. Then she opens her massive jaws and lunges at his neck. The Saurophaganax has horror written in his eyes, but he is still at an advantage and he knows that. She is in the perfect position and he slashes her head before she can reach his neck. While she is roaring and shaking her head around to get rid of the blood which is filling her eye sockets, the Saurophaganax kicks her at full force. 

She flies almost five feet into the air and then hits the ground multiple meters away from the Saurophaganax. He stands up, takes a deep breath and roars at her as loud as he physically can. She knows that she doesn't have any chance in her current condition and retreats. The Saurophaganax goes back to the corpse of the Ampelosaurus and starts eating.

Winner: Saurophaganax maximus

Keep in mind that many people have died for their beliefs; it's actually quite common. The real courage is in living and suffering for what you believe in. -Brom-

3 Responses to Saurophaganax vs. Tarascosaurus

Lord Vader

Tyrannosaurus RexMember6270 XPMar-21-2014 3:28 AM

A fight that has been up a whole day and no comments? That must be a little disappointing. Sorry I didn't comment yesterday, I was busy for the most part.


Good fight, I was expecting Sauro to win, and it's nice that the Taracosaurus survived.

Jack of all trades. Master of none

UCMP 118742

CompsognathusMember0 XPMar-21-2014 5:23 AM

It's okay. I'm not really dissapointed, after all, with all the battle series going on it's obvious that almost nobody can read every single one.

Keep in mind that many people have died for their beliefs; it's actually quite common. The real courage is in living and suffering for what you believe in. -Brom-

Acro Rex

CompsognathusMember0 XPMar-21-2014 6:12 AM

i read it just now, didn't see it in the topics! i was rooting for tarascosaurus...but i'm glad it didn't die :) there's a lot of good stuff bein posted lately too...keep these up.

"Our lives are in your hands and you have butterfingers?" - John Hammond
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