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Jurassic World Script "Sides" Leaked

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CompsognathusMember0 XPFeb-26-2014 10:43 PM

Fasinating, This seems believable, Your a very credible person and all...


But somewhere This doesnt feel completely right... I can understand Hamada not wanting the 'Dinosaur' on the other side of the cage to not eat meat, Seeing how this is either INgen Or Biosyn, They learned from their mistakes...


The Concierge one, doesnt make much sense, but that Simpkins kid or whatever, I think thats his character...

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AllosaurusMember3687 XPFeb-26-2014 11:09 PM

I honestly don't think it's real, but good find, anyways.



IndoraptorAdmin23361 XPFeb-26-2014 11:24 PM

I rarely run with script leaks for news. I'm going to hold off for now, but it looks neat. I especially like the second "leak", the story about the snake and mouse, adds a creepy factor. I hope these are legit!

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AllosaurusMember3687 XPFeb-26-2014 11:29 PM

Yeah, I think you should wait till filming starts to take place, if it hasn't already.


Lord Vader

Tyrannosaurus RexMember6270 XPFeb-27-2014 5:46 AM

I like the Hamada one, that is cool with the Snake and Mouse.

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CompsognathusMember0 XPFeb-27-2014 7:11 AM

Paden, I believe in the conceirge script that the boy talking is the older one, Robinson's character.  That would mean that the younger brother, Gray, was running ahead.  Maybe their aunt is Bryce Howard.

"Either way, you probably won't get off this island alive."

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CompsognathusMember0 XPFeb-27-2014 7:12 AM

@jurassicparkour how did you come across these?

"Either way, you probably won't get off this island alive."

--Alan Grant


CompsognathusMember0 XPFeb-27-2014 3:09 PM

Even though he's no Japanese, I could really imagine Chow Yun Fat as Hamada ^^ That'd be awesome. Or Jackie, if he wants to play in a more serious role :D Anyways, I think the scripts are real and I'm really looking forward to this movie!

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