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Three Entertaining Little-Known Facts About the Original Jurassic Park Movie

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Jurassic Park, the groundbreaking film by director Steven Spielberg, has captivated audiences since its release in 1993 and grossed almost $1 Billion at box offices worldwide. This cinematic marvel not only redefined the possibilities of visual effects but also left an indelible mark on pop culture. For fans and aficionados, the film is more than just a thrilling adventure; it's a treasure trove of fascinating facts and hidden Easter eggs. Today, we are unveiling 3 little-known facts about the original Jurassic Park movie!

Expanded Exploration: Unscripted Terror in "Jurassic Park"

One of the most gripping scenes in "Jurassic Park" is when the T. Rex attacks the children, Tim and Lex, by smashing its nose through the glass roof of their car. This scene stands out not only for its intensity but also for the authenticity of the children's reactions, which, as it turns out, were not entirely scripted.

The original plan did not include the glass roof breaking. However, during filming, an unexpected malfunction occurred. The animatronic T. Rex got a little too enthusiastic! Ariana Richards, who played Lex, recalled in an interview that the T. Rex got alarmingly close during the filming of this scene. In a moment of unanticipated realism, the T. Rex's tooth hit the glass, causing it to break and even resulted in the tooth breaking off. This unforeseen event caught everyone, especially the young actors, by surprise. 

Adding to the tension, there was a notable electronics malfunction that caused the T. Rex to go haywire. This malfunction led to the unplanned and forceful breakage of the glass roof, rendering the terror on the children’s faces genuine. The screams heard in the movie were real reactions to this unforeseen incident, adding a layer of authentic fear to the scene.

Joe Mazzello, who played Tim, provided further insights into this incident. He mentioned in a 2020 interview that viewers can observe a moment in the movie where the T. Rex opens its mouth wide, and it is visibly missing a tooth. This missing tooth resulted from the earlier mishap where it broke off after hitting the glass. Spielberg, ever the pragmatic director, decided to continue filming without replacing the tooth, accepting this unexpected twist as part of the filmmaking process.

Funnily enough, Richards revealed in an interview with Radiotimes that "I had been acting for a few years before Jurassic Park so I was pretty used to the audition process […] I was not given a script […] I was just called in to do an audition and be put on tape screaming!".

The Temperamental T. Rex and Its On-Set Shenanigans

The T. Rex in "Jurassic Park" wasn't just a star on screen; it had quite the reputation on set as well. This mechanical behemoth, designed to awe and terrify, had a humorous quirk—it disliked the rain! Designed to be a towering and terrifying presence, the T. Rex was electrically powered, which made its interactions with water quite eventful. 

When exposed to rain, the T. Rex's animatronic structure would start to malfunction. Its skin, made from a material that could soak up water, would change in weight due to the absorbed moisture. This weight alteration led to unexpected and somewhat comedic moments on set.

These malfunctions manifested most humorously in the T. Rex's head, which would unpredictably start shaking. This "dance" was not part of the script but a direct result of its rain-soaked skin. Crew members were often seen scrambling with towels, trying to dry off the animatronic dinosaur to prevent these impromptu performances. This constant battle with the elements became a recurring scene during filming, especially since the T. Rex was frequently required to be in rain-drenched conditions for certain shots!


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